What does my role mean?

On PetsApp you can have different profiles with a different role.

Vet, reception, nurse roles

Vet, reception and nurse roles all perform the same functions on the dashboard and app. During chats with clients your role is displayed to the client along with your name at the top of the chat e.g. "Jane Smith - vet"

When you are in one of these profiles you are able to: 

  • View chat tab
  • Accept, start, schedule and handoff chats.
  • Create new pets.
  • View activity within your clinic.

Admin roles

Admin roles have access to more underlying functions of PetsApp, when on your admin profile you will be able to:

  • View and create new operators.
  • Manage and create clinics within your group.

How do I add another profile?

Your profiles are attached to your account that you login with, to add another profile you can follow the instructions here: How to add a new operator


Click here to see how to switch profiles