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How to get client data from Teleos

1. Click on "management"

Teleos Step 1-1

2. Click on "Reports" then "Userd Stored Query"

Teleos Step 2

3. Find and select the report - Active clients between 2 dates (If you cannot find this report, please contact Teleos 0121 286 9990 and ask for "Active Clients between 2 dates with client name, Pets Name and Contact Numbers" This should be a free of charge report)

Teleos step 3

4. Enter applicable dates (start and end)

Teleos Step 4-1

5. Only tick CSV spreadsheet, then click continue

teleos step 5-1

6. Click Yes Teleos step 6-1

7. Click ok

Teleos step 7-2

8. The spreadsheet will appear with the information including the name and number

teleos step 8