SMS Chat

Our new SMS chat functionality means all your asynchronous communication can now happen via PetsApp!

If you're wanting to get setup with SMS please email your request to and include all of the clinics you would like to enable SMS chat with


To make it clear you're in an SMS chat we'v changed the chat bubbles colour and put a notice in the chat header.

Which phone number do the SMS messages come from?

Each clinic has a unique phone number, you can find it on the dashboard through the Settings page between the clinic information and magic link sections.

How do I start a new SMS chat?

  1. Click on the "Chat" icon in the sidebar
  2. At the bottom of the queue there is a button labelled "New chat"
  3. Enter in the phone number you want to message
  4. Click the button labelled "Start" and you're off!

How do I update the name of a "Guest" chat?

  1. Click the button labelled "More" 
  2. Click "Update Pet Details"
  3. Enter in the updated details and click "Save"

What if the number I want to create a chat with is already on PetsApp?

The dashboard wont create new SMS chats when the owner is already registered with your group but instead give you an option to create a PetsApp chat with them instead.

How much does it cost?

SMS Chat is free!

Can I send images, files, videos, or payment requests?

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) is not available in the UK. So, this is not something we'll support — but each chat can be continued in the app when the client downloads PetsApp. Where all that functionality will be available!

Can I hand-off SMS chats and include hand-off notes?

Yes. Other than the restrictions listed above, SMS chats will appear in the dashboard like normal PetsApp chats. These can be handed-off and hand-off notes can be included!

Is this service compliant with the GDPR?

Yes, contacting pet owners directly via SMS about the care of their pet falls under “legimate interest” category, meaning explicit consent is not required.

How do pet owners who don’t want to receive SMS opt-out?

When you start a new chat, the client will receive a welcome message explaining how to "opt out" of messaging, to make sure the service is compliant with the GDPR.