PetsApp Web Promo Pack

Images, templates and ready made social tiles your practice can use to promote the use of PetsApp Web.

As of March 2021, pet owners can now use PetsApp on their desktop computers, opening up access to your clinic.

We've provided a toolkit to best communicate this feature to your customers.

In this toolkit, you will find:

  • SMS Template
  • Email Template
  • PetsApp Campaign Template
  • Social Media Tiles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)



Hi [CLIENT NAME], you can now chat with [CLINIC NAME] via mobile or computer, using PetsApp. Get the mobile app here - [LINK] - or go to our website.




Hope you're well.

Pleased to let you know you can know get in touch with us through our website. Using PetsApp, you can register your pet at [CLINIC NAME], chat with our team, book appointments, order medication, and have video consultations with one of our vets.

This means you can now contact us using PetsApp on your phone or your desktop. It's now even easier to help your pet get the help it needs; without sitting on a busy phone line, or waiting for an email response.

Looking forward to seeing you online!

Warm wishes,



PetsApp Campaign (Push Notification)

You can now use PetsApp on your desktop computer. Log on to our website - [WEB LINK] - to access your account, use video chat and more.


Social Media Kit

Click here to access tiles for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - as well as images to use for your own marketing materials.